January 22, 2016

A year ago today, Layla had her first chemo treatment.

In the 14 days from the time we found out she had bladder cancer and the day of her first treatment session, we struggled to digest all of the information that was thrown at us. We stressed over, argued about, and just plain second guessed ourselves each time we came close to a decision. It took a week and two visits to our local Veterinary Teaching Hospital to come to an agreement. We decided to start her on the intravenous chemotherapy drug, Carboplatin and NSAID Piroxicam.

The first day of her treatment, was the first day since she was diagnosed that I allowed myself to relax a bit. We were doing something to help her … it gave me a moment to breathe and gather my thoughts to start researching TCC and possible causes and holistic remedies.

All of the research on cancer, different treatments, holistic & homeopathic remedies to help Layla were the stepping stones to this blog. Layla was the reason this blog was born – she was and will always be the inspiration behind it.

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One Reply to “A Year Ago Today – Day 5”

  1. I remember the difficulty decision of having to decide scooters (11 year old female beagle) destiny. Deciding what we thought would be best for her. We struggled over it. We talked to Scooters regular vet and at first we decided to go with the chemo treatments. It seemed like her best shot. I did some research and it didn’t seem like a cure. The specialist had said it would be 5 sessions, 3 weeks apart. I asked what happens after the 15 weeks and I was told they would reevaluate and decide on the next course of treatment.

    The crazy thing is I mentioned our decision to a couple of friends on Facebook. All the sudden I had a bit of a panic attack. Somehow I wasn’t sure anymore. I started imaging all the trips to the vet and whether scooter would want that. See, when she was diagnosed she wasn’t showing any symptoms of the cancer. Cindy (my wife) and I sat on the floor of our living room and had a big cry. We decided NOT to do the chemo treatments. We didn’t want to put scooter through it and what might lay ahead with the chemo treatments or ahead. We wanted to focus on making every day a day we would spoil her.

    The decision was then made to go with oral chemo. This would give scooter a fighting chance at keeping the tumor the same and prevent it from growing.

    In some ways, I still wonder if we made the right decision. Did I make a decision to take away weeks or months from her life by not doing the chemo? I may never know. One thing is for sure, everyday since that decision, we have focused on loving and spoiling her. It is now eight months since that decision and even though she is showing symptoms, she is still happy and full of life.

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