April 13, 2016

A year ago today around 3:45 pm, our little family headed down to Indiana for a clinical trial at Purdue University. We had a 4 1/2 + hour drive ahead us, but we were ready – SO ready. Layla loved riding in the car, so we had no worries that she would be the model  road tripper. We had crossed the state line and were bouncing along on a rough, back-country two lane highway in IL when I looked out my window and saw a double rainbow – there’s just something about a rainbow that gives so much hope. It was nice to see. We had stopped a little earlier in the trip to let Layla go potty as I am sure bouncing around in a car with a tumor in her bladder wasn’t very comfortable; however we had layered her backseat with a soft comforter for her to snuggle up on so it wouldn’t be so bad. I had packed enough stuff for a week vacation and we were only going to be gone one day. I had packed all different kinds of food because Layla had started to get fussy with food so you never knew what she would eat on a given day. We stopped at several rest stops in Illinois to let her out to go potty and give her dinner, but she wouldn’t eat. Oh great, here we go with a fussy eating moment and we’re in the middle of nowhere! A couple more hours down that bumpy, back-country, middle of nowhere highway in rural Illinois, I realized what was missing – cottage cheese! I forgot to pack her favorite Organic Valley cottage cheese – oh jeez! I yelled out, “I forgot the cottage cheese!” I asked my husband to stop at the next grocery store he could find – now 8:45 pm, dark and starting to get cold and we were STILL in Illinois! Blech! I ran inside and found the cottage cheese – no organic kind (but, what could I ask for – it was the only grocery store – okay store for miles!)? I ran back outside and grabbed Layla’s food bowl from the cooler and lopped a spoonful of cottage cheese in her bowl with the food she refused to eat at the last rest stop and magic happened – she gobbled the food down- whew, thank goodness, now my freak out dog momma nerves can calm down for the rest of the trip – well, until I think she has to go potty again! We drove in the pitch dark on back country roads for what seemed like hours, when we finally came up to a four lane highway. Yay! Only thirty minutes to West Lafayette and then to sleepy! I had called the hotel several times during the trip to keep them updated on our status and they were so nice telling us not to worry, they would have a room for us. As I started to look around in the pitch black, I noticed all sorts of blinking red lights – it was the craziest thing I ever saw. My husband had to concentrate on driving, so I kept staring at these lights trying to figure out what in the world I was looking at – finally I realized they were wind turbines! Thousands and thousands of them! Talk about weird seeing so many of those so those so close to the highway in the dark – no wind farms around here like that. It’s now 11:15 pm and we’re pulling into West Lafayette, IN and now into the hotel parking lot. Ahhh … it’s time to get some sleepy. We unpack the car, set up Layla’s beddy-bye with blanket, took her potty for one last time and cuddled up ready to face the next day. I laid in bed a long time that evening before falling asleep – I prayed for what seemed like an hour or more. I had to make sure I said everything I wanted to say, asked for everything we needed and basically just cried out for a miracle. I was really hoping and believing this was our miracle.

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