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The Perfect Yard … Is it worth it?


Could I PLEASE live in a plastic bubble?

I sit here and watch as lawn care company after lawn care company drives into the neighborhood. Neighbors attempting to “out do” each other for bragging rights to the greenest most weed-free lawn.

Seriously! I live in a neighborhood full of people with more money than brains. MOST of them have kids & pets yet PAY someone to come to their house and spray poison everywhere!

We live in a community with several organic lawn care companies, yet they prefer poison. I don’t get it.

It takes A LOT of time to research and understand how to care for your lawn organically, but it is well worth it!


Please read the Children & Pets page before application.

Weed KillerIron X

Weed SuppressionEspoma Weed Preventer

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  1. Sadly, many people just haven’t been educated so they simply don’t know any better. Keep trying!

    • So true! That is why it is SO important to share what we have learned with others so they can become educated as well!

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