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Your Dog Has Cancer … Now What?


First thing you do? Allow a day or so to freak out – cry, scream, punch a pillow, wallow with a 6-pack, squeeze your furry friend until you think they’ll explode, get on your knees and pray and then … GET BUSY!

Go online and learn everything you can about your dog’s cancer.  Join support groups (many are found on Facebook), share your story with others … you never know who has walked the path before you that could be a sounding board and support buddy as you move forward.  DON’T take everything your pet’s Veterinarian tells you to heart. If I would have listened to everything, my precious Layla wouldn’t be here today. It is very important that you don’t let what others say sway you from what you feel is right for your pet, stand your ground … after all, it’s your baby and your decision.

Change #1 – Your Attitude

You had your freak out days now it’s time to hunker down for the L-O-N-G haul. I am not saying here that you can’t have bad days, you will (I did), but you have to remember that cancer is not an immediate death sentence. You do everything you possibly can and sometimes that works in your favor and sometimes not. It will be rough, but in the middle of it you have to stay positive for not only your sake, but for theirs. Animals are so sensitive to our emotions that when we’re stressed, they’re stressed. Try to keep their environment as positive and upbeat as you can.  If you need to freak out, go outside and scream, get in your car and cry, whatever you need to do to get it out of your system. Be the best parent you can be.  Love and spoil them now.

Change #2 – Diet

A dog with cancer needs a special diet. If I could go back in time and change her diet, I would have fed her raw food! I was told, NO. RAW. FOOD. with chemotherapy. Crock of bull sh*t! I was also told by some Veterinarians that it was okay to continue feeding kibble … no disrespect to all the Veterinarians out there, but I highly disagree. Cancer feeds off carbohydrates and sugars of highly processed foods.  Well … what is kibble? Hello!

I fed Layla a variety of mixtures from The Honest Kitchen dog food company with a “just” cooked (never boiled) organic protein (based on the Traditional Chinese Medicine Yin/Yang food chart) with each meal. Several canned food mixtures from Zignature (when she wouldn’t eat anything else) and then I made her a homemade cancer diet. Layla ran hot and cancer is hot so I fed her cooling foods. It’s all about restoring the balance back in their system.

If you prefer to make their food from scratch, make your own version of the Full Spectrum Dog Cancer Diet found in The Dog Cancer Survival Guide.

Change #3 – Filtered Water

Stop giving your dog tap water and start giving them filtered water (make sure if you give them bottled water that it’s filtered, not purified spring water).

Change #4- Treatment Decision

It’s time to make a decision. Are you going to treat holistically, with chemo/radiation/surgery or a combination of both? There are SO many treatment options – don’t get discouraged!

Change #5 – Supplements and Holistic Help

Add natural supplements to their diet.

IMPORTANT: Check with your pet’s Veterinarian prior to administering any new supplements into their diet.


Canine Matrix Maximum Recovery Matrix Mushroom Supplement

Change #6- Get Moving

Don’t overexert your fur baby, but get them moving. If they are really lethargic, find some raw freeze-dried treats and fill a treat ball they can whack around the house until it’s empty. If they are up for a walk or two a day, do that!  Oxygen is a cancer killer so keep them moving!

Change #7 – Mind Games

Keep your pups skills sharp by teaching new tricks, playing with a dog puzzle, treat ball, etc. You’ll cherish this bonding time together – it’s good for both of you.


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