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Posts published in January 2016

A Year Ago Today – Day 5

A year ago today, Layla had her first chemo treatment. In the 14 days from the time we found out she had bladder cancer and the day of her first treatment session, we struggled to digest all of the information that was thrown at us. We stressed over, argued about, and just plain second guessed ourselves each time we came close to a decision. It took a week and two visits to our local Veterinary Teaching Hospital to come to an agreement. We decided to start her on the intravenous chemotherapy drug, Carboplatin and NSAID Piroxicam.

A Year Ago Today … Day 4

A year ago today ... the day that all the shock, sadness, anger, pain and information overload the past week came to a head and I completely broke down. I had to stay strong ... I was the one that knew every detail of Layla's life and had to be "on" to deal with all the information from the doctors.

A Year Ago Today … Day 2

I refer to a year ago today as "that day" - the day I will never forget and long to forget. It was the day where the only thing I knew what to do, was pray. All control ceased to exist and chaos engulfed me. It was your average frigidly cold, sunny day in January ... for most people. I was waiting for a phone call that could potentially flip my world upside down and cause major disruptions in the year ahead. It all started around 11:30 am - the shrill ring of the telephone that day sounded like death and despair calling me ...

A Year Ago Today …


Finding out my beloved Layla had cancer, changed my life forever. This is the story of our journey. If you find this series helpful, would you please consider a donation…

A Year Ago Today … Day 1

A year ago today was the first day of the worst year of my life. It was the first day back to work after a long holiday break and not to mention a super cold Monday. My husband drove me to work that day because our fur baby Layla had to be dropped off after me to the vet clinic for a minor surgery to remove a blood vessel tumor from her leg. Easy peasy ...



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