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Posts published in May 2016

A Year Ago Today … Happy Birthday, Layla!

May 1 was always a big deal in our household. Why? It was Layla's birthday of course! We would celebrate with a doggie cake, ice cream, presents, singing and lots of snuggles! Today is May 1 ... Layla's birthday. She would have been 13 today ... Instead of picking up a doggie cake, going for ice cream, making cookies and opening endless amounts of presents, I am spending it at a cancer walk ... A walk to raise money to fund comparative oncology studies in humans and companion animals. I hope that during those 2-miles with my 20+ person team, that my broken heart can begin to mend. I will be holding my precious babies collar, my husband will carry her leash and my parents will be wearing one of her many bandanas around their arms. I will spend that 2-miles remembering Layla, NOT the cancer.