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A Year Ago Today – Happy Birthday, Layla!


Happy Birthday, Layla! Today is your 14th birthday, second birthday at Rainbow Bridge. I miss you every day, Boo Boo.

A year ago today … Layla’s first birthday at Rainbow Bridge was a very hard day for me. It was a cold, windy and rainy day (much like today) … the weather mirrored my aching heart and angry spirit. I was working and walking in PuppyUP Madison (Companions Against Cancer) – a wonderful cause I never wanted to be a part of because that would mean cancer had hit all too close to home.

The day was mostly a blur, but a few moments stand out in memory … posting a photo of Layla on the Memorial Wall, seeing my friends and family walk into the park amongst the crowd, tying Layla’s favorite bandanas on the arms of family members, the sound of her collar tags jingling and the tap, tap, tap of her collar as it swung against my leg while I walked, stopping along the walk path to take pictures at Layla’s tribute sign and trying not to completely lose it during the “moment of silence”.

Layla’s birthday was always a celebration. It was usually a “Mommy-Layla” day with cake and presents! Whatever we did that day, it was together. It could have been a trek around the dog park, a ride in the car, a walk along the river or time spent just snuggling on the couch. It was always the best day and ALWAYS included a specialty doggie cake and ice cream!

This year I am spending Layla’s birthday at home with her two sisters, Chloe Ann and Faith Noel. Today I will remember and celebrate my baby girl, love of my life, best friend. I will smile at memories of her and of course cry because I miss her so deeply. Layla lives on in the memories of my heart and the smiles of her little sisters.

We love you Layla girl! Spend today sniffing the beautiful flowers in Heaven that Jesus made just for you.


Momma, Daddy, Chloe & Faith

PS (from Chloe & Faith) – We heard Momma mention something about cake! Don’t worry we won’t eat the whole thing.

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