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Posts published in October 2017

Two Years Ago Today …

You left ... and forgot to tell my heart how to go on without you ... As I sit here, tears in my eyes ... I can barely type the words ... they are stuck at the ends of my fingertips like the words catch in my throat. I can't believe it has been two years ... although it feels like an eternity since I saw your beautiful face, touched your soft fur or cuddled your sweet self. The pain and grief lives on like you left me only moments ago. *Sigh*

Warm Sea Salt and Coconut Oil Throat Rinse

Extra, extra, read all about it! The cold and flu season is going to start early and be particularly awful this year – be sure to get your flu shot! WAIT - W-H-A-A-A-T? Is it just me or does the cold and flu season start early every year and is ALWAYS particularly awful? [insert eye roll here …] What we SHOULD be talking about, is how "Big Pharma" continuously scares people into getting flu shots (and other vaccines they don't need) to get our money and make us sick ... now that is news.

Foaming Handsoap


I started this blog over two years ago to share a story … a story of a journey I never wanted to take. A roller coaster ride called, cancer. That…

1-Pot Italian Hamburger Soup

Rain, rain, go AWAY! It has been rainy, chilly and downright gloomy here the last couple of days and to top it off - I have an awful cold! So here I sit ... still in my PJ's, staring out the window and thinking I needed to do something today to get out of this, well ... funk. *sigh*



Did you know that laundry detergent, fabric softener, bleach, dryer sheets AND … wait for it – BORAX (are you shocked now?) are among the highest chemically laden so-called “safe”…



Soup is … cozy, warming, comforting, healing, good for you and just plain YUMMY! The best part? Dipping a french baguette in a steamy bowl of soup … the joy!…