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1-Pot Italian Hamburger Soup

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Rain, rain, go AWAY! It has been rainy, chilly and downright gloomy here the last couple of days and to top it off – I have an awful cold! So here I sit … still in my PJ’s, staring out the window and thinking I needed to do something today to get out of this, well … funk. *sigh*

After what seemed like an eternity of staring out the window and basically just zoning out, I decided to update the website. I have been avoiding this task like the plague. I knew it was going to take hours of time, lots of yelling and possibly crying to make the website look the way I had envisioned in my head. Let’s be honest here … I am a business owner, writer, food blogger – not an SEO, CSS, HTML guru so this was going to take time.

4 hours later … Ugh! I am so over this!

I decide to take a lunch break and wouldn’t you know – there is nothing to eat in the fridge. Freaking really! My head is foggy from being sick, my patience is starting to break down and I am about to explode when I realize that I have all the ingredients in the house to make my all-time favorite super simple soup! Hallelujah! Peace at last …

I love, love and yes – really love this soup! It hearty, fragrant and super simple to make. Perfect for a quick dinner after a long day!

*I like to top this with mozzarella cheese and fresh parsley. Add a french baguette for dipping and you’re good to go!


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