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A Year Ago Today … The story of Faith


It was a year ago today that I first saw your little face, ears, nose, toes … it was love. I saw your picture and said to your daddy, “I am getting that dog”. Daddy said, “no, no more dogs” … little did he know the next 7 weeks would be pure torture for him as I would remind him every day … so many weeks and so many days, we pick up our new German Shepherd puppy.

I talked about you to EVERYONE like you were already home, even though you were miles away. I watched Facebook everyday for photos or updates – just to sneak a peak of your sweet little smile and bright eyes. I loved you more each day and still … you were miles away.

I fretted and fretted over your name – it was the first time I ever had the chance to name a dog! It took a long time and a bunch of crazy name combos and then one day … while getting ready for work the name just popped in my head – Faith! Absolutely perfect name.

I remember getting ready for your arrival – cleaning the house, setting up your pen, getting toys ready and then packing the car to go get you! It was a L-O-N-G 15 hour drive to get you, but it was worth it. I remember seeing you for the first time up close, cuddling you and then you and your siblings chasing Chloe  and then the two of you – picking each other out like you already knew you would be sisters (although you fight like crazy kids).

I remember the morning we took you home – it was Easter Sunday …  your GMA crying in the bathroom and showing me your special little tummy rub that made those little pedal feet of yours go crazy. She handed me to you and we were off!

You screamed and screamed as we drove away but quieted down at the gas station – 8 miles away with some cooked chicken and dry food. You slept a lot on the way home and sometimes I would wake you up to make sure my little baby Faith was still breathing! You sure learned your name on the way home and you made your daddy really brave on that “I have to go PEE!” as soon as we got on the freeway in Chicago and had to stop in the most hideously dangerous part of town at 10 pm.

We got home and it’s been an adventure ever since. I love you my little baby Faith!

Love Momma!


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