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Posts published by “sassyorganicgal”

Cucumber, Lime & Mint Detox Water

I am completely and 100% obsessed with detox water this week. I cannot get enough of this stuff and have made several batches. Each of these detox waters smell wonderful, are refreshingly delicious, have a refreshing taste, look absolutely beautiful and has tons of health benefits! My current favorite is Cucumber, Lime & Mint detox water.

A Year Ago Today … Happy Birthday, Layla!

May 1 was always a big deal in our household. Why? It was Layla's birthday of course! We would celebrate with a doggie cake, ice cream, presents, singing and lots of snuggles! Today is May 1 ... Layla's birthday. She would have been 13 today ... Instead of picking up a doggie cake, going for ice cream, making cookies and opening endless amounts of presents, I am spending it at a cancer walk ... A walk to raise money to fund comparative oncology studies in humans and companion animals. I hope that during those 2-miles with my 20+ person team, that my broken heart can begin to mend. I will be holding my precious babies collar, my husband will carry her leash and my parents will be wearing one of her many bandanas around their arms. I will spend that 2-miles remembering Layla, NOT the cancer.

A Year Ago Today … Hope!


Hello Monday, I have been waiting for your return since Saturday afternoon. I woke up feeling excited, nervous, hopeful and worried all wrapped together into a knot that sat in…

A Year Ago Today … No Hope


It was a sunny, remarkably warm Thursday in March and Layla was due for her fourth round of chemotherapy and ultrasound re-check. This day started like any other “chemotherapy/ultrasound” day – we…

A Year Ago Today – Day 5

A year ago today, Layla had her first chemo treatment. In the 14 days from the time we found out she had bladder cancer and the day of her first treatment session, we struggled to digest all of the information that was thrown at us. We stressed over, argued about, and just plain second guessed ourselves each time we came close to a decision. It took a week and two visits to our local Veterinary Teaching Hospital to come to an agreement. We decided to start her on the intravenous chemotherapy drug, Carboplatin and NSAID Piroxicam.