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A Year Ago Today … A Ray of Hope


It was a warm, sunny and lazy Saturday morning. My mom was visiting because of the Easter holiday and we were just hanging out in the living room with Layla. I was happy to relax … the week had been extremely stressful. After being told we had no hope left for Layla, I was determined to find something that would help my baby fight cancer. I stayed up late every night reading articles about TCC, researching different diets and remedies people had tried on their dogs and I began to formulate my plan. I came across this book …

I highly recommend this for any pet parent facing cancer.

I took the recommendations from this book to make several varieties of dog food for Layla. I played chef in my kitchen trying not to pull my hair out figuring out the exact measurements of each element in the diet, but it was worth the 4+ hours making it – Layla loved it!

While we were relaxing, my phone buzzed signaling a notification of some sort and I casually looked at my phone to see what was going on.  Turns out, it was the approved request for me to join the TCC dog Facebook group – yay! It had been about a week since I requested to join so I was really anxious to start reading the posts – hopefully something on this page will help me. I started scrolling through the posts and one caught my eye. I read through the comments and noticed someone mentioned a TCC clinical trial at Purdue University. Wait … what? Am I reading this correctly, is this comment recent? I yelled to my husband in the other room, “there is a clinical trial for TCC at Purdue University!” I  ran to get my laptop so that I could look into this further and after a few moments, there it was … staring me in the face – multiple TCC clinical trials were going on at Purdue University. I grabbed my laptop and headed into the room where my husband was to show him the information. I pointed at the screen, my hand shaking with excitement – I couldn’t contain myself! I walked away and a few moments later I heard him say, “well, are you going to call them? It’s only a five hour drive there!” I couldn’t believe it – I thought I would have to convince him to drive that far, but he didn’t think twice about it – if it could help Layla, we were going to do it – whatever it takes. I called the hospital, but of course they were closed. We would have to wait until Monday … what a long wait that turned out to be. A day and a half felt like an eternity. In the meantime, we celebrated. Celebrated that we had options, celebrated that God had answered our prayers, celebrated our beautiful girl and took time to take some selfies. I found my happy that day … I was just a girl with her beloved dog – taking selfies, laughing and having a good time … with a few tears of joy and cuddles mixed in.


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