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Two Years Ago Today …


You left … and forgot to tell my heart how to go on without you …

As I sit here, tears in my eyes … I can barely type the words … they are stuck at the ends of my fingertips like the words catch in my throat. I can’t believe it has been two years … although it feels like an eternity since I saw your beautiful face, touched your soft fur or cuddled your sweet self.

The pain and grief lives on like you left me only moments ago.


I would prefer forget today … curl up in a ball and sleep the day way, but I can’t … I can’t close my eyes – the memories of this day are too much for my shattered heart. I will stay busy, doing anything to forget that I had to say “see you later” to you … my beloved Layla on this day, two years ago.

After two years, I thought I could write about the events of “that day” and share with you our last moments together, but I can’t. I have too many regrets that are STILL too raw to process.

I would find much comfort today from all of you who lost a HEART animal (dog, cat, bird, etc.) and share my heartache and pain, to tell your story and how you are dealing with the emotions days, months, weeks, years later.

Would you share with me?


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